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Case Studies

Griffith University – Nathan Campus

Category: local-authority

The challenges

Following the successful installation of an intensive slit drainage system at the Oval pitch at Nathan Campus, Griffith University wanted STRI to further extend the drainage system to include the ends of the pitch. They also required a reduction of the raised field centre, remnant of an old cricket wicket, by resurfacing the pitch to improve field playing characteristics.



The solutions

  • In August 2013 tender, specification and design documents were prepared and contractors appointed.
  • The field was sprayed out in late November 2013 with glyphosate to kill the existing turf surface. Irrigation heads were folded down below the surface and the existing turf was removed.
  • The soil surface was initially loosened with a Topmaker and then finished with the Blecovator.
  • At this stage, the field was surveyed, laser graded and levelled.
  • The irrigation system was reinstated and the sprinklers tested.
  • It was decided the most cost effective method to reestablish the pitch was by stolonisation and broadcasting of the sprigs commenced in early December 2013. The stolons were pressed into the surface with a grooved roller and thoroughly watered in, followed by an application of pre-emergent herbicide and fertiliser.
  • As the sward began to mature, final weed control treatments were applied.
  • In February 2014, following good sward establishment, drainage was extended at the ends of the field. The sand
    bands were top dressed and a further fertiliser application was made.
  • In March 2014 the turf displayed good turf density and colour and the pitch was opened for play.


6-Good establishment



The Results

Successful sward establishment through stolonisation and at a third of the cost of complete re-turfing.

The large hump in the middle of the pitch from an old cricket wicket has been removed and a more consistent contour created.

Improved user safety has been achieved through re-levelling and removal of weeds producing a smooth surface.

The pitch now drains well and the extended drainage system allows for increased usage during wet periods and adds usable field space for training and warm-ups.