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Sustainable landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is the implementation of landscape strategy to mitigate environmental impacts of man-made industry and development. As a relatively new concept, sustainable landscaping enhances the philosophy that landscape holds the key to human sustainability on planet earth.

Sustainable landscaping recognises the value of ecosystems and their relationships with topography, hydrology, geology, and climate. The analysis of these systems and features gives the sustainable landscaper a palette to engineer landscapes which work with nature, enhancing sustainability, economy, society, well being and health.

The sustainable landscaping approach is to realise all landscapes and living things are a part of an ecosystem which must be kept in balance. This brings landscape to the forefront of major issues such as food production, pollution, environmental degradation, waste, energy and social cohesion.

Blue green roof installation

A blue roof provides source control, managing rainfall where it falls by temporarily attenuating it on a roof. It mimics the natural environment by managing the discharge of rainwater from roofs at a controlled rate in line with a drainage strategy and overall site flood risk assessment. They are becoming a common approach to deliver sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and manage local flood risk, particularly in dense urban environments where space is at a premium.

To complement blue roofs, living roofs, also known as green roofs, are becoming integrated into sustainable building designs, These are an ideal way to contribute to delivery of sustainable architecture, providing environmental benefits, lowering urban air pollution, granting access to green space, improving general well-being, and reducing energy consumption of the building.

Irrigation solutions

Irrigation design determines the efficiency and effectiveness of water use, and therefore influences the profitability of your business. The comprehensive layout of each irrigation project is based upon in-depth data gathering concerning the project’s location, the weather and natural resources. It comprises comprehensive topographical maps, compiled yearly local weather information, such as day by day evaporation and wind info, quality and availability of water during each yearly period, as well as much more.

STRI develops efficient and cost-effective irrigation designs that meet clients’ watering requirements, prepare comprehensive plans and specifications that include construction details, equipment or materials, as well as appropriate irrigation schedules.


Ground and surface water management

A surface water drainage strategy investigates how surface water runoff from the site can be managed to comply with the requirements of local planning or government policies. Our water management design consultants provide solutions for developments planned on previously undeveloped ‘greenfield’ sites, where the strategy will consider the existing topography, ground conditions and the proximity to watercourses and surface water public sewers with respect to surface water drainage. They are also experts in designing for developments on a previously developed ‘brownfield’ site, where the strategy will seek to utilise the existing discharge disposal arrangement to watercourses, soakaways or public sewers.

Our drainage designs provide detailed drainage layouts and construction details such as pipe sizes, layouts and connections to existing systems.

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