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Our landscape architecture team provides a fully integrated, tailored service to fulfil a wide range of landscape design needs. Environmental enhancement, innovative design and sustainability are at the heart of every project as we strive to create new, and improve existing, spaces for individuals, communities, and wildlife to live and thrive.

At every stage in the project, the landscape’s conservation is considered within the designs. Our ecologists, environmental consultants and planning teams support our architects in the design and build of regeneration and reclamation projects for buildings, precincts, sports venues, parks and wider urban greening schemes.

STRI values sit at the centre of every design proposal, protecting the world through the implementation of climate-positive ideas that are integral to delivering creative, sustainable, innovative, practical and affordable solutions.

Our landscape architecture services

Landscape planning and assessment

Society requires our landscapes to be ever more robust and adaptable, to provide a respite from high-density, high-pressure lifestyles. We achieve this with our imaginative, skilled landscape architects, who are committed to helping society deal with challenges such as growth and climate change, using key concepts like green infrastructure. We ensure impacts of development are properly considered and addressed as part of the design process through landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) and the wider role of landscape planning.

Being part of an interdisciplinary organisation means that our team has a deep understanding of how landscape brings together elements such as ecology, engineering, geology, flood modelling, hydrology and planning. Working collaboratively, we aim to ensure that the places where people live, work, and play are aesthetically pleasing, functional and healthy.

Landscape masterplanning

Masterplanning enables a practical approach to construction sequencing and phasing, and gives you a better understanding of the costs and maintenance you will need for your landscape. Our landscape architects provide clients with a comprehensive plan of action intended to guide growth and development, documenting every last detail of the space being developed upon.

Providing a full-property design plan represented as an industry-standard AutoCAD drawing, and accompanied by plant photos, reference photos, colour renderings, and/or section drawings to fully convey the design concept, our team will bring the environment and landscape around and within the development project to life.

Sustainable urban drainage systems

Water resource management encompasses a wide range of disciplines and expertise. This includes integrated water resources management, assessment of the demand for water for drinking and irrigation purposes, groundwater mapping and surface water monitoring, simulation and modelling of the hydrologic cycle, legislation, river basin management, institutional and capacity building and water resources protection.

Our designers, working alongside our water engineers, deliver an integrated approach to the management, development and utilisation of water resources, that satisfies socio-economic, environmental, sustainability and multi-sectoral water demands.

Roof gardens and podiums

A rooftop garden not only transforms a concrete dead space into a communal oasis for office workers or residential dwellers, but delivers benefits to sustainability, energy savings, public well-being and the city roof-scape.

We are experts in all elements of roof terrace: waterproofing, insulation, pedestal paving, SuDS, planters, seating, decking, turfing, green roofing and soft landscaping.

Working in partnership with our construction company, we will deliver any element of construction whilst also providing a trustworthy aftercare service.

Rain gardens

Rain gardens are becoming a key contributor in the mitigation of climate change, with benefits including pollution control, flooding protection, habitat creation and water conservation. Not only are they designed to temporarily hold and soak in rainwater runoff that flows from roofs, driveways, patios or lawns, rain gardens are effective in removing up to 90% of nutrients and chemicals and up to 80% of sediments from the rainwater runoff.

Together, our landscape architects and environmental consultants will design the sustainable water management infrastructure into a beautiful garden or green space, complementing the aesthetics of the development and delivering the necessary sustainable strategy to support the wider project objectives.

Ecology habitat creation

Effective habitat management is an essential element of any development site. STRI ecologists are experienced in the creation, re-creation and restoration of a wide range of habitats, working closely with clients to develop an effective habitat management strategy to enhance the biodiversity of development sites and mitigate impact to protected species.

Our team creates or restores habitats by establishing new hedgerows, ponds or wooded areas, or, in the case of habitat loss due to development, the translocation of plants or soil from the original habitat to a new area of the site. Where appropriate, they will draw up and implement an ongoing management strategy to improve biodiversity, creating plans that provide clear and detailed mitigation and enhancement strategies for species, as well as broader habitat enhancement measures to maximise general biodiversity.

Golf course architecture

Our golf course architects cover all areas of new course development, redevelopment and upgrades to associated amenities. Throughout the comprehensive concept to completion service, we work closely with our clients on the design process.

Working alongside our multidisciplinary team, we support clients from the planning stage to the build. Our work is bespoke and tailored specifically to our client’s requirements, and our ecologists ensure the development complements and enhances the natural environment.

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delivering end-to-end bespoke solutions

As a multi-disciplinary, interconnected team, we bring together experts who develop solutions to create places which improve people’s lives as humanity adapts to the unprecedented challenges posed by climate change and population growth. We offer our clients tailor made strategies to support their goals and objectives, whether that be complete end to end project delivery or specific, targeted solutions. Our promise is to deliver future proof strategies and designs, that will stand the test of time, harmonising the ever increasing demands being placed on the built and natural environment.

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