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We always use a robust, rigorous approach to design, providing detailed and practical advice on all elements of design that may have an impact on the playing surface. Our design hubs, in the UK and Australia, have directed the construction of over 180 exceptional quality stadium pitches in over 30 countries, as well as a huge number of local authority, grassroots and school sports facilities.

From the initial brief to the completion of a project, our consultants and designers work with clients to understand budgets, constraints and stakeholder expectations. We assist with technical, legislative and planning challenges and working with our integrated in-house CAD team, soils laboratory, planning application support services and research facilities, our designs are tailor made to every project.

Our team works all over the world designing and managing successful playing surfaces that are capable of hosting major tournaments, in all climates.

Our sports facility design services

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies should be undertaken in the early phase of a project for both new build facilities and any upgrade to existing facilities. The completed report will discuss and confirm the client’s aspiration, capture all high-level constraints of each site, provide a recommendation and scope of works, and include budget costs to support a funding application.

STRI can provide additional topographical, ground investigation, contamination, and services surveys to determine more exactly the site constraints to support planning and design development.

Concept design

Concept designs are detailed, 2D or 3D drawings, drawn to scale using information gathered from a site survey, undertaken by as part of our technical design consultancy services. The designer will set out all the elements of the proposed design, clearly labelling the detail to the drawing. Supplemental sketches may be included to aid visualisation, including a side elevation drawing if changes in level are proposed.

Our designs are built around the wider surface and infrastructure maintenance strategy and working with our multi-disciplinary team, will include sustainable water management and irrigation solutions, hemiview analysis considerations, usage analysis and longer term sustainability priorities.

Planning phase

Planning drawings are required as part of any planning permission application and are an essential tool for our clients to communicate their vision, supporting planners in the understanding of how the project fits into the landscape as a whole.

Our planning team will support in the provision of the necessary written descriptions of the development taking place, whilst our designers provide the planning drawings necessary to give the overall impression of what the project looks like in relation to its surrounding buildings.

Our highly skilled designers deliver a wealth of experience and precision in their execution to correctly convey the project’s dimensions and scale, vital in the later stages of the construction and fit-out of the project.

Detailed design & specification

Sports fields can be made to any specification, requiring a diverse range of disciplines to design and construct sports surfaces and sport courts that meet the demands of their varied levels of play.

Our technical design consultants will create fully bespoke sports pitch specifications, taking complete ownership of project management. From the outset, the team will be responsible for the planning stage, taking a range of factors into account, such as the surface uses, size, location, budget and level of performance. The creation of full design specifications will follow in readiness for the installation phase.

We offer a complete design, specification and installation package on projects ranging from a single football pitch, rugby pitch, cricket pitch or running track through to a multi-pitch sports complex. We can perform all stages of sports field construction, including design, ground work and drainage, soil replacement, levelling, seeding and turfing.

Digital design, CAD and BIM

Building information provides the sharing of information in a single, shared project-based set of objects and systems. It helps clients to understand design and engineering choices visually, whilst allowing the creative team to test options on the layout of critical services in a virtual environment.

The output of vital documentation enables greater collaboration, providing tangible benefits to all stakeholders on a project. We are uniquely positioned to provide pragmatic BIM and digital construction solutions throughout the lifecycle of a project and we offer consultancy services specifically tailored to all levels of projects to ensure conformity and quality.

All drawn information is derived from our parametrically designed 3D models and we also have the ability to provide virtual walk-throughs of the model, allowing the design and construction teams to view the model from any point or angle.

Tender and construction phases

Our construction drawing service delivers the necessary technical tender and construction drawings required as part of the pre-construction information used to construct a building, sports surface or surrounding build infrastructure. Our designers will deliver a graphic representation of how the infrastructure will be built and, where required, this will be accompanied by the specification document, detailing the materials, techniques and standards that must be adhered to in order to deliver the construction.

When needed, our team will work in partnership with other specialists, such as structural engineers, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical and fire safety, to deliver the relevant construction information.

Facility renovation & retrofitting

The retrofit of sports pitches, stadia bowl, stadia infrastructure or surrounding areas is complicated and time consuming. It requires careful planning and a high level of engagement between all stakeholders throughout the different phases of the retrofitting project, to ensure that the targets are meet and that the project is financially, environmentally and socially successful.

In the delivery of a retrofit project, we manage the full lifecycle of the project, from feasibility and planning stages, through to full design, specification, site analysis, and site inventory. Our team delivers commercially sound and sustainable proposals, which once approved, can support the build process, working alongside our Group construction company Carrick Sports Construction.

STRI’s multi-disciplinary team will prepare the design solution, incorporating our expertise in soil and turf science, engineering, agronomy, sports performance and material science, technical consultancy with laboratory testing and on-site diagnosis as well as comprehensive project consultancy and management services.

Sports surface design

Climate change and sustainability is having a significant impact on the maintenance of sports surfaces. Northern hemisphere challenges bring too much water, whilst southern hemisphere conditions bring heat and drought. As regulations and legislation changes to accommodate these challenges, the design, build and ongoing management strategy of these surfaces also needs to adapt.

Our technical consultants work in partnership with our research facilities, environmental consultants and sustainable water management engineers to design, specify and supervise sports pitch construction and renovation projects to ensure long term performance and sustainability.

Our services support all elements of land development, management and regeneration, from the initial planning stages, outline and detailed design, through to construction and aftercare. They ensure that soils for landscape, green infrastructure, sports amenity, agriculture and restoration projects are correctly surveyed, specified, tested, sourced, manufactured and managed.

Golf course architecture

Our golf course architects cover all areas of new course development, redevelopment and upgrades to associated amenities. Throughout the comprehensive concept to completion service, we work closely with our clients throughout the design process. Working alongside our multi-disciplinary team, we support clients through from the planning stage to the build.

Our work is bespoke and tailored specifically to our client’s requirements, and our ecologists ensure the development complements and enhances the natural environment.

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As a multi-disciplinary, interconnected team, we bring together experts who develop solutions to create places which improve people’s lives as humanity adapts to the unprecedented challenges posed by climate change and population growth. We offer our clients tailor made strategies to support their goals and objectives, whether that be complete end to end project delivery or specific, targeted solutions. Our promise is to deliver future proof strategies and designs, that will stand the test of time, harmonising the ever increasing demands being placed on the built and natural environment.

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