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STRI Group confirms appointment of Colin Lyons for role in Saudi Arabia

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Colin Lyons to head up business development activities in Saudi Arabia, and to provide support for the team members already working in the country. Colin has 22 years’ experience in the sports industry, working in senior technical and commercial roles around the world. He previously held a […]


The Big Butterfly Count: What is it and why is it important?

Posted by: Megan Stone, Graduate Ecological and Environmental Consultant From the 15th July to the 7th August this year, The Big Butterfly Count 2022 took place, a nationwide citizen science project aimed at helping us to monitor the health of our environment. You may be wondering how counting butterflies helps us to assess our ecosystems […]


Sustainable water management in sport – can we act differently?

Posted by: Lee Collier, Technical Director Water use has been growing globally, at more than twice the rate of the population increase in the last century, and an increasing number of regions are reaching the limit at which water services can be sustainably delivered, especially in arid regions (United Nations, 2018). We all have a […]


EPG Takes Top Spot in Susdrain Awards

The Environmental Protection Group, part of STRI Group, is delighted to have walked away with first prize in the SuDS Awards 2022, winning the ‘Regeneration and Retrofit – Small Scale’ category for their work at Bloc, Manchester. Delivered alongside other businesses within STRI Group, STRI Ltd on design and Carrick Sports Construction on the install, […]

FACTS Turf Course

Most people who take an interest in sports turf, both in its management and production, appreciate that if soil fertility is to be maintained then the nutrients taken off during mowing or lost to air or water must be replaced. However, many of these people are also concerned about the actual or potential environmental damage […]