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Managing water sustainably

The successful design, development and maintenance of our water infrastructure comes from our multi-disciplinary team, with skills spanning advisory, design and technical services.

The term SuDS is associated primarily, if not wholly, with the physical management of rainfall to help prevent flooding, assist in re-use via harvesting and to improve water quality. However sustainable water management extends well beyond this as a critical integrated component of the greater environmental sustainability system that addresses issues such as improving biodiversity, reducing urban heat island effects and carbon footprint reduction.

STRI provides a comprehensive range of engineering and environmental services through our sister company the Environmental Protection Group (EPG), covering all aspects of the water environment, including water supply, drainage, wastewater treatment and rivers.

Our water engineering services

Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS)

Water resource management encompasses a wide range of disciplines and expertise, including integrated water resources management, assessment of the demand for water for drinking and irrigation purposes, groundwater mapping and surface water monitoring, simulation and modelling of the hydrologic cycle, legislation, river basin management, institutional and capacity building and water resources protection.

Our designers, working alongside our water engineers, deliver an integrated approach to the management, development and utilisation of water resources, that satisfies socio-economic, environmental, sustainability and multi-sectoral water demands.

Ground and surface water management

A surface water drainage strategy investigates how surface water runoff from the site can be managed to comply with the requirements of local planning or government policies. Our water management design consultants provide solutions for developments planned on previously undeveloped ‘greenfield’ sites, where the strategy will consider the existing topography, ground conditions and the proximity to watercourses and surface water public sewers with respect to surface water drainage. They are also experts in designing for developments on a previously developed ‘brownfield’ site, where the strategy will seek to utilise the existing discharge disposal arrangement to watercourses, soakaways or public sewers.

Our drainage design provides detailed drainage layouts and construction details such as pipe sizes, layouts and connections to existing systems.

Flood risk assessments and mitigation solutions

Our team will deliver the flood risk assessment, outlining the threat of flooding within the site’s surrounding area and providing measures by which the risk can be mitigated or avoided. Our team will also identify the potential source(s) of flooding, review flooding history, obtain critical water levels and determine the influences on river hydraulics. The assessment considers flooding from tidal, fluvial, groundwater, sewer, highway and on-site drainage sources. If needed, our assessments can cover a number of other factors such as loss of floodplain storage, washland modelling, flood plans, access and egress, sequential testing, exception testing and surface water drainage issues.

Through a series of alleviation measures and engineering options, we will design to determine the most cost effective and practical solutions to completely avoid or mitigate, within acceptable limits, the risk of flooding on-site or elsewhere.

Water and wastewater infrastructure

Effective and efficient treatment has become a necessity in order to meet the growing needs of rapid urbanisation and climate change. It’s also required to meet the increasingly strict environmental regulations.  Meeting the most demanding reliability and quality requirements is a constant challenge when treating water or wastewater.

STRI has the scientific and technical knowledge to support you. We have vast experience in water and wastewater treatment optimisation and can help you improve your treatment processes and optimise your operations. We can provide you with tailor made water management systems focusing on technical performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements and long-term cost effectiveness.

Irrigation solutions

Irrigation design determines the efficiency and effectiveness of water use, and therefore influences the profitability of your business. The comprehensive layout of each irrigation project is based upon in-depth data gathering concerning the project’s location, the weather and natural resources. It comprises comprehensive topographical maps, compiled yearly local weather information, such as day by day evaporation and wind info, quality and availability of water during each yearly period, as well as much more.

STRI develops efficient and cost-effective irrigation designs that meet the clients watering requirements, prepare comprehensive plans and specifications that include construction details, equipment or materials, as well as appropriate irrigation schedules.

Water harvesting and recycling

Rainwater harvesting is a process of collecting and storing rainwater that falls on a catchment surface, typically a roof, although almost any external surface could be suitable. This reduces demand on the mains supply, offers some resilience from local supply problems and reduces the amount of energy used for water treatment and transportation.

Our water management engineers will design water capture concepts as part of new build planning, or integrate the most relevant concept into a redevelopment project. Whether this be in the form of surface run off harvesting using ponds, tanks and in ground storage or rooftop rainwater harvesting using blue or green roofs, our designs will successfully mitigate flood risk and control drainage as part of a clear sustainable drainage system strategy.

Industrial drainage applications

The safe disposal of surface and foul water, and management of flood risk are fundamental requirements for any new development. To support the management and maintenance of these underground assets, our technical engineers produce drainage area plans and sewerage management plans for clients, including water companies, government, local agencies and developers.

Given each site has its own specific requirements and issues, STRI develops tailored drainage and flood management solutions for each site to achieve our clients’ objectives, and complying with current design standards and policies. We design conventional sewer systems alongside a range of SuDS methods to suit the site characteristics and the clients’ landscaping objectives.

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As a multi-disciplinary, interconnected team, we bring together experts who develop solutions to create places which improve people’s lives as humanity adapts to the unprecedented challenges posed by climate change and population growth. We offer our clients tailor made strategies to support their goals and objectives, whether that be complete end to end project delivery or specific, targeted solutions. Our promise is to deliver future proof strategies and designs, that will stand the test of time, harmonising the ever increasing demands being placed on the built and natural environment.

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