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Case Studies

FC Spartak Moscow

Category: football

Venue description:

FC Spartak Moscow’s new stadium pitch had to be constructed in compliance with strict regulations as set out by UEFA within their Elite Stadium Category guidelines. The ground would be hosting Russian Premier League, Russian Cup, Champions League and UEFA Cup games.

STRI provided concept proposals for drainage, profile design, undersoil heating, irrigation, turf reinforcement and establishment of a world-class stadium pitch. A pitch ventilation and vacuum system was also part of the design brief.


The work:

The Spartak Moscow pitch was constructed without a blinding layer in order to optimise the construction process. To ensure there was no risk of rootzone sand migrating into the underlying gravel layer, it was critical to ensure correct material selection.

Due to contaminated land underneath the site, the pitch foundation had to be built up by a metre prior to construction of the pitch profile. The sub-base was cleared of a layer of ice and trimmed into a graded formation layer supporting the pitch profile. The formation layer was then covered with a three-layer geotextile and impermeable membrane system, above which the pipework for the drainage and irrigation systems was installed, along with the pitch ventilation and vacuum system.

As temperatures can sometimes drop below -40°C in Moscow, the combination of a glycol-based undersoil heating system with the pitch ventilation and vacuum system was an essential part of the pitch design.

The final component of the pitch profile was the installation of a Fibresand reinforced rootzone to provide additional stability to the seeded turf surface.

STRI undertook Hemiview analysis which identified the need for lighting rigs to be used on site. These lighting rigs in combination with the undersoil heating and SISAIR system were all essential for managing the turf successfully at the stadium.


The Results

A world-class stadium pitch was successfully designed and delivered within a demanding timeframe.

This was achieved as a result of great teamwork, which is a necessity when working in a country with an emerging turfgrass industry and a challenging climate.