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Case Studies

Agronomy support to The R&A

Category: golf


STRI acted as official agronomic consultants to the Championship Committee of The R&A. In this capacity we provided advice and support to golf’s governing body and the host clubs they use to stage their championships.


For many years the main focus of the support was the Open venue clubs, all of which we visited on a continuous basis, and more regularly as any championship neared. STRI contributed to the strategic delivery of the playing surfaces for The Open Championship and as part of this process collected performance data from the course which was used to inform preparatory maintenance schedules and programmes. The data collection programme also provided a valuable source of historic information which was used to benefit future conditioning programmes.

For major championships such as The Open, The Amateur Championship, The Ricoh Women’s Open and The Ladies Amateur Championship, STRI provided a higher-level tournament support service whereby a team of professional agronomists assessed and collect data from the host venue on a continuous basis in the build up to, and during the staging of the championship. This provided a further layer of objective information and support to The R&A and the host venue, and allowed the best possible greenkeeping decisions to be made each time.



Additionally, we work closely with The R&A’s ecological partners to ensure the successful delivery of site project work. With the game in a constant state of evolution, and The Open becoming ever more popular to the golfing masses, ensuring the venues remain up to date and a challenge to the game’s greatest protagonists is a constant focus of attention. From subtle changes to the course to improved practice facilities, STRI plays a role in approving materials and supervising projects to ensure an optimum result.



The Results

The successful delivery of project work at The Open venues.

The provision of high-level tournament support from the assessment and collection of data in the build up to, and during the staging of the championship.

All championship venues remain a challenge for the game’s top players.

Delivering improved practice facilities and courses.