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STRI Research 2016 round-up

Features, Research / 3rd October 2016

STRI Research 2016 took place at our headquarters in Bingley on 21/22 September and featured stations from Bayer, Farmura an Aquatrols Company, ICL, SISGrass, SWDsystems, Syngenta and Wiedenmann

We work with a number of companies each year on Research & Development (R&D) projects for the sports turf industry. As a result we invited a selection of these companies to support this event, based on their current focus on research and their investment to help improve the future quality and management of sports turf.




Sygenta demonstrated how Qualibra technology can address issues of hydrophobicity and improve soil functionality for enhanced turf health and playability.

ICL presented the results of their new fine turf disease control trial and the benefits of using premium formulated fungicides and dew dispersants.

Wiedenmann UK demonstrated two of their groundbreaking and class-leading machines – the Core Recycler and Terra Spike SL.

Bayer offered detailed demonstrations of the products and technologies developed to ensure safe use, control and disposal of plant protection products, introducing the easyFlow and Phytobac systems.

Famura presented a novel enzyme system of biodegrading organic matter and thatch, and explained the objectives of their two-year trial.

SISGrass introduced their latest and most advanced reinforced natural turf system, and explained how it delivers increased pitch stability and more playing hours than natural grass surfaces.

SWDsystems demonstrating the world’s first premium natural turf temporary pitch.

STRI Ecology provided onsite demonstrations of ecological management and enhancement opportunities, and explained what ecology means and why it matters in the world of sport.


A big thank you to all attendees and partners, we hope you enjoyed the day.