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Record result for Barenbrug: #1 variety in BSPB Turfgrass Seed Booklet 2018

Trade News / 19th June 2018

ALL BENT is number one bentgrass mixture for golf greens

Grass expert, Barenbrug UK, has dominated the BSPB Turfgrass bentgrass trials this year, with a top rating for its new cultivar, Charles – making ALL BENT the No.1 100% browntop bentgrass grass seed mixture on the market.



Designed specifically for overseeding and species exchange in golf and bowling greens, the aggressive nature of this cultivar heralds new standards for course managers looking at long term sustainability using fewer chemicals.

For the majority of golf courses, particularly those on traditional “soil push-up greens”, replacing annual meadowgrass with browntop bentgrass could have significant benefits in year-round smoothness and trueness, as well as providing substantial savings in fungicide, fertiliser and water costs.

David Greenshields, Barenbrug Product Manager said:

“ALL BENT is a vital new tool in the armoury of a course manager looking to provide consistent and reliable colour and performance for players—but in a more sustainable way.”

The majority of golf and bowling greens in the UK are dominated by annual meadowgrass (Poa annua), which has inherent challenges in maintaining high quality surfaces, particularly for year-round play.

The STRI trials show that Charles breaks new ground for visual merit and shoot density, and promises to play a key role in outcompeting Poa annua in a close-mown green.