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Seven innovative tech ideas to boost your sports development project

Here’s some more detail on STRI Group’s range of innovative design and data services. If you want to find out how we can help you with your project please contact us on or call 01274 565131 Hemiview An innovative stadium shade analysis service that accurately models real-world light conditions. Its detailed contour maps of […]


Top tips to advance development projects in lockdown

STRI’s head of planning and environment, James Podesta, gives his top tips on how to advance your development plans during the Covid-19 lockdown. Understanding the parameters of your site You may, or may not, have been lucky enough to have survey work undertaken before the lockdown, but it’s about gathering all the available information that […]


Research initiative offers insight into turf management under lockdown

A new research project is set to provide vital answers to the pressing questions of ‘Managing turf under lockdown.’ Crucially, the results will be reported as the trial progresses to enable greenkeepers to make decisions over the coming weeks. Sponsored by Syngenta, in association with ICL and STRI, the initiative will give an insight into […]


Policing your actions? Unearthing the Course Policy Document

Why are the tees in the wrong place? Who said that can happen? Why do it this way? Why are you doing that? Are some of a multitude of questions that greenkeeping teams are bombarded with by golfers and by club management on a daily basis. STRI consultant, Gwynn Davies, investigates why communication is key […]