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Help Emma make a difference

Trade News / 11th January 2018

After beating three types of cancer, Emma Kilby, Technical Area Sales Manager for ICL, is taking part in the London Marathon 2018 in a bid to raise funds for Children with Cancer UK.


Help Emma make a difference


Emma was just 16 years old when she was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After 6 months of chemotherapy followed by 20 days of radiotherapy, she defeated this dreadful disease. She went on to finish her studies at university, got married and gave birth to her first daughter in 2010.

However, just before her daughter’s first birthday Emma noticed another lump in her neck. After numerous visits to the GP and many hospital appointments, she was diagnosed with differentiated papillary thyroid carcinoma. Her battle with cancer had started all over again and she underwent a total thyroidectomy and neck dissection (removal of 27 lymph nodes).

Six weeks after surgery, she was told that not only did she have thyroid cancer but also an aggressive form of large B-cell lymphoma. Having to deal with one form of cancer would be enough for anyone but having to deal with it all over again while also trying to raise a young family was almost too much to bear. After a long and difficult battle, enduring months of operations, chemotherapy and radioactive iodine, she pulled through.

Less than 12 months ago she gave birth to another beautiful baby girl after being told that she may never have anymore. Slowly but surely she has pieced her life back together.

“Having cancer as an adult is hard enough to deal with; we have the ability to comprehend and rationalise what we may ultimately have to deal with,” says Emma. “The thought of any parent having to explain to their diagnosed children the nature of this horrible disease breaks my heart just to think about it. This is why I decided that I was going to run the Virgin London Marathon for the Children with Cancer UK charity, and maybe, just maybe, my contribution can lead to the prevention of the needless suffering that so many young children have to deal with on a daily basis.”

Almost 4,000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. That’s ten every day. Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. They fund life-saving research into the causes, prevention and treatment of childhood cancer and they work to protect young lives through essential welfare programmes.

Emma added: “Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you will help me raise money for this great charity.”

To make a donation to Emma’s worthy cause please visit –

Please contact ICL on 01473 237100 or visit or if you are in Ireland.

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