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STRI Group announces Chinese partnership

News, Sport / 21st July 2016

STRI Group has taken a major step into the Chinese sports turf market after striking an agreement with Beijing iRENA Group and Shanghai KeHua Sports Promotional Co. to improve football pitches across China.

The Yorkshire-based global sports turf consultants, and research specialists, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with intent to work alongside the Chinese businesses, as it plans to expand across the Far East.

This collaboration is uniquely placed to combine the highest standard of international expertise with local experience in order to improve sports surfaces across all levels of facility within China. With more than 80 years of experience, including the last two World Cups and Olympic Games, STRI bring the same creative but practical solutions for design, establishment and management of sports surfaces to China.



Manchester Utd training at Century Park in Shanghai



Beijing iRENA Group and Shanghai KeHua Sports Promotional Co. have a detailed understanding of the sports industry and of operating facilities within China. The partnership will help fuse the international solutions provided by STRI into the local market.

Manchester United recently trained at Century Park, in preparation for their International Champions Cup clash with Borussia Dortmund. The exclusive facility, in central Shanghai, is owned and operated by Shanghai KeHua Sports Promotional Co. and the pitch is prepared by STRI.

Over the past five years, STRI has reinforced its position as market leader in the sports surface industry. Significant investments have been made, including the development of new research facilities in Australia and Qatar and the launch of design and consultancy hubs in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

STRI Group Director, Lee Penrose, said: “Through the establishment of this unique relationship, STRI is proud to support President Xi Jinping’s vision for the growth of the Chinese football industry. We are committed to a long term future of providing our cutting edge solutions, training and leadership to the local sports surface industry through sharing our international expertise.”

Hao Qing of Shanghai KeHua Sports Promotional, said: “A future partnership with iRENA and STRI represents a significant milestone for the Chinese football industry. The Chinese government wants to build 60,000 new football pitches in China, so the co-operation with the world’s leading sports turf research, design and consulting company presents a significant opportunity to develop European quality football pitches locally. China will now be able to compete for pitch quality on an international stage”.

CEO of iRENA, Eric Gao, said: “The principle of iRENA for this cooperation is providing better service to our sports fans in China. By taking this opportunity, we truly hope to bring high-standard sports turf to our football clubs, players, and fans – not only to promote live experience, but also to let common people enjoy the advanced pitches and enjoy the charm of football. It is believed in the future, the turf quality improvement will help elevate the overall level of CSL, and to better protect the players to a certain extent. iRENA will make every effort to create a healthy and comfortable sports ecosystem for all, and jointly develop the Chinese football industry with STRI and KeHua.”


For more information contact:
Lee Penrose, Director, STRI on +44 (0)1274 565131 or email info@stri.co.uk