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Tournament delivery

STRI is uniquely positioned to manage and deliver world class pitches that are ready for major sports tournaments.

Our consultants have decades of experience delivering durable surfaces for all types of sporting event. STRI pitches will perform, with frequent use, in a short period of time.

We are FIFA’s appointed pitch consultants to all major tournaments, and have managed pitches in Australasia, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Europe. Our consultants are experts in managing both cool and warm season turf environments. STRI also wrote the natural turf pitch section in FIFA’s World Cup requirements guidelines.

Our tournament delivery experience covers more than just football. We have managed numerous high profile global events including The OpenWimbledon, The Olympics, The Africa Nations Cup, The Commonwealth Games and Royal Ascot.

We have worked on tournament surfaces across a wide range of sports including football, golf, rugby, tennis, cricket, equestrian, bowls, Australian Rules and US Sports.





Our services include:


Venue specific Pitch Management Plan (PMP)

  • Planning, procurement and delivery of major upgrades (resurfacing, levelling etc.).
  • Performance testing.
  • Evaluation of each site to determine the most appropriate renovation programme.
  • Optimise turf rooting and grass cover.



Canberra Stadium, AFC Asian Cup


Performance monitoring and turf consultancy

  • Performance testing and analysis to ensure consistent playing surfaces and optimum execution.
  • Pest and disease management plan.
  • Consultancy and pitch upgrade supervision in preparation.
  • Oversee the construction, renovation and grow-in of all the pitches.
  • Deliver level, well-draining and firm surfaces.




 Tournament support

  • Industry liaison, plus acquisition of equipment, temporary staff and materials.
  • Performance monitoring, feedback, guidance and supervision of surface performance and management.
  • Provision of technical support to grounds teams at tournament venues.
  • Supervision of final preparation, presentation and management of facilities from start to finish.
  • Pitch and tournament management supervision, reporting and feedback.



Wimbledon championships 2016



Quality assurance and communications

  • Staff are handpicked for key roles based on relevant experience and working to high pressure.
  • Risk mitigation through proper planning, coordination and delivery of works.
  • Ensure tournament organisers receive value, quality and support from any third party supplier.
  • Enable development of consistent, fit-for-purpose pitches across all training and final venues.
  • Early identification of problems and quick resolution.



Equestrian cross country course



Resourcing and cost management

  • Fulfillment of all technical, design, planning and management elements, which eliminates the additional costs of a large supply chain network.
  • Cost savings through central procurement, industry knowledge and liaison with suppliers.
  • Dedicated project manager to assure quality of complex upgrade works to an agreed budget.



Training and legacy

  • Hands-on training to enable the transfer of knowledge to sport facility turf managers across the globe.
  • Basics of turfgrass management through to sport surface standards expected in a high profile domestic or international tournaments.