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STRI works with local authorities, schools and other educational establishments to support the design, development and maintenance of all natural and artificial sports surfaces.

Our specialist sports turf consultants have years of practical experience at grassroots level, delivering single/multi pitch sites and local authority amenity areas.

We offer advice and cost-effective solutions for the design, construction and management of all types of sports surfaces, including football, rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis and multi-sport surfaces.

STRI believes in supporting clients to develop good quality and sustainable sports pitches that suit your requirements, budgets and timings. Our consultants ensure that your projects are completed to the required specifications, using good quality materials and equipment. Each pitch or surface installed will reach the required quality standards, and we will provide supportive guidelines on annual maintenance programmes.



Rugby pitch at Glasgow High School



Our bespoke services include:


Turf care and advice

Assessments on the quality of your sports surfaces, with a detailed report on the current condition. We also provide recommendations on how to maintain and improve the quality and durability of your surfaces. We also offer a problem solving service that accurately assesses and identifies any problem areas or recurring issues on your sports surfaces, along with advice on how best to manage these to improve playing conditions as quickly as possible.





Emergency pitch remediation and problem solving

Our consultants accurately assess and identify any problem areas or recurring issues on your sports surfaces. We will advise you on how to manage these problems so your playing conditions improve as quickly as possible.



Sports pitch design and installation

We provide support for all types of projects, no matter how big or small. We offer a service to help guide you through all stages of your project. This includes feasibility, landscape, environmental and planning surveys, designs, drawings and specifications. Assistance with the tender process, appointment of contractors and drainage and irrigation designs and solutions are all part of the bespoke service.



Progress of pitch work at Perdiswell Leisure Centre



Performance quality and benchmarking

This service has been designed for local authorities, and companies, who are responsible for the management of multiple sports sites. We assess your surfaces to develop a maintenance programme that improves your pitch performance, and makes an effective use of your budget.



Multi-sport surfaces

Providing design, construction and maintenance advice for multi-sports surfaces and sports clubs.



Newtonmore Primary School



Drainage and irrigation solutions

Our specialist water management consultants will advise you on the installation of new systems or upgrading existing ones. We also offer recommendations and solutions on specific drainage and water management issues.



Training and education

Our consultants will teach your contractors and groundsmen how to effectively manage and develop natural and artificial turf. Our specific modules cover the design, restoration and maintenance of sports turf. There is also information on how to identify and manage any problem areas.