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STRI is the world’s leading authority on the design, construction and maintenance of golf greens and courses. We lead the industry in providing advice on the latest techniques, products and machinery to use across your course.

Our consultants specialise in delivering quality surfaces for all sizes and types of clients across the world. We believe in offering practical and relevant solutions to suit specific requirements, budgets, resources, and timescales.

We also support our clients in developing sustainable and durable platforms that meet the specific needs of the players that use them.

Using the latest in-house technologies we collect performance data from greens and wider course areas to help decision making processes and provide benchmarking analysis.  The data is unparalleled throughout the world, and gives STRI a unique insight into turf and golf course performance.

Our varied list of clients include many of Europe’s top clubs. We also work with many smaller member clubs, and local authority facilities delivering simple and effective programmes to help improve the grass roots game.




Our bespoke services include:


STRI Programme

Measures the quality and performance on your greens. We analyse speed, trueness, smoothness, firmness, moisture levels and soil analysis and identify the correlation between these.





Golf course assessment and recommendations

A comprehensive assessment of your course and greens, supported by a detailed report on our findings and recommendations.




Course/green improvements and problem solving

Support for any problem areas on greens or your course. Providing quick and efficient solutions to improve playing conditions.




Course design and reconstruction

Innovative golf course designs which appeal to a wide-range of golfing abilities. Our specialist architect services also provide feasibility studies, landscape surveys, environmental planning, CAD drawings, site monitoring and supervision.




Drainage and irrigation solutions

Advice on systems for new golf courses, as well as assessment and guidance on replacing or upgrading your existing systems.




Environmental planning and management

Support and planning for all environmental and ecological matters for your new or existing golf course, including impact assessments, management planning, landscape surveys, woodland and tree surveys, wildlife and protected species audits, waste management and legal compliance.


Carnoustie Golf Club-wildflowers-rough


Pest, weed and disease ID and mapping

Our experts will help you determine what may be causing a problem on your golf course. We provide a fast and comprehensive service for the diagnosis and identification of all pests, weeds and diseases. In addition to practical advice on how to best manage your problem areas and eradicate any risk of damage



Fusarium patch


Training and recruitment

Providing training tailored for greenkeepers, club secretaries and chairs of green on the development and management of your golf course. In addition we support golf clubs in the recruitment process for greenkeepers, offering our expertise through the interview phase and aptitude testing on golf course management and maintenance.