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STRI deliver ground-breaking design, development and maintenance programmes for racecourses, equestrian cross country events and horse show arenas.

Our consultants work with clients to deliver quality and durable surfaces to suit the specific requirements of each course or arena. We provide support and guidance throughout your project, working within your budgets, timings and resources.

High profile work includes ground and surface preparations for the Equestrian Cross Country course for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and the subsequent restoration of Greenwich Park. Other clients include The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead, Royal Dublin Society (RDS) and Royal Ascot, Ayr, Wetherby and Leopardstown Racecourses.




Here are some of the tailored equestrian services we provide:


Equestrian design and installation

We provide course/arena designs, specifications, feasibility studies and total solution delivery with full project management.




Drainage and irrigation solutions

Our consultants specialise in delivering the best solutions for your drainage and irrigation needs. As well as assessment and guidance on replacing or upgrading your existing systems.



Track irrigation, Wetherby racecourse



Care and advice for your course/arena

STRI experts will assess the quality and performance of your sports surfaces, and make recommendations on how to achieve good quality sports turf throughout the year. We deliver detailed reports and plans on the best techniques, products and machinery to use.


Royal Ascot



Course/arena support services for events

Specialist advice on how to manage your sports turf and surfaces for non-sporting events like concerts. Starting with pre-event planning, through to on-site management and post-event restoration.


Royal Dublin Society concert set-up



Emergency course/arena remediation

If you require urgent improvements to the quality, performance or aesthetics of your course, our consultants can provide a helping hand. We offer a specialist service to quickly identify problem areas and develop plans that deliver efficient improvements within critical timescales.



Improving skills and expertise training

We offer a selection of training courses, for groundstaff and clerks of courses, on all the elements required to produce high quality courses and tracks. This includes specific structure and maintenance guidelines for racecourses, cross country events and arenas.