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STRI’s specialist consultancy service provides expertise and support throughout the sports surface development process.

We deal with a wide range of requests from local authorities, schools, landscape architects and engineering consultancies, as well as stadium architects, golf courses, cricket grounds and racecourses.



Rugby pitches at Glasgow High School


Frequently a requirement for a specific problem or study needs to be addressed. Our innovative and flexible approach to modern sports turf design will help find that solution.

We have provided thousands of clients with quality durable sports surfaces, designed specifically to their requirements.



James Westwood, STRI with Kestral Contractors at Fulham FC


In any project team dynamics are crucial. We work closely with the client and contractor to achieve quality results, to tight timescales.

We also understand and take responsibility for the risk management within projects. We continually assess, manage and measure risk throughout the project to deliver quality results.



Ball roll testing, Amateur Championship 2016


Our bespoke consultancy services include:


  • Feasibility studies to help plan for new facilities or upgrade existing facilities


  • Asset management reviews


  • Sports surface benchmarking audits


  • Sports surface condition assessment or performance testing (natural and artificial)


  • Provision of sports surface upgrade or renewal specifications


  • Bespoke STRI ‘Hemiview’ light/shade analyses for new or existing stadia


  • Sustainable stormwater drainage design


  • Expert witness services


  • Environmental planning advice and surveys