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An innovative stadium shade analysis service that accurately models real-world light conditions. Its detailed contour maps of light and shade levels can be carried out at concept design stage or post construction.

Hemiview features include:

  • An assessment of direct and diffuse PAR light levels at the pitch surface, allowing an understanding of real-world light conditions for the grass plant.
  • A review of the number of grow lights required for supplementary lighting and optimal deployment patterns required for turf management.
  • An understanding of the impact of different types of translucent materials (PVC fabric, PTFE/glass coated fabrics, ETFE, glass, polycarbonate, etc.) installed in different extents of the roof to provide guidance on roof design.
  • A review of local climatic conditions alongside pitch specific light levels and microclimatic conditions with specific regard to pitch management.
  • A guide to the procurement of supplementary grow lighting rigs at stadiums across the globe.
  • A review of the proposed stadium and pitch usage programme and how that might be affected by climate and light.

TurfSync data capture

TurfSync is a sports surface performance tracker that connects the team and players to the surface they are playing on, whilst providing stadium operators with important management data.

TurfSync’s easy-to-use interface allows the groundsteam, coaches, management and venue operators to view all aspects of the match-day playing surface and training facilities.

It highlights sports surface trends, identifies risks and allows venue operators to solve problems before they occur. Helping them achieve or maintain a world class standard playing surface and to make key decisions around usage schedules.

You can find more information on TurfSync by visiting

3D modelling

3D modelling helps you visualise your sports development, from various angles using a mixture of innovative design software. This will give a full perspective of your new facility, help engage your stakeholders and can also be used to secure funding.

STRI’s in-house 3D modelling specialists can transform schematic plans into a fully immersive 3D solution. Allowing you to visualise the impact of a design in the existing surroundings, as well as viewing drainage infrastructure, irrigation layouts, utility services, material finishes and selections.

3D modelling also gives you pitch levels and sight lines from stadium seating, so you can see how the crowd is impacted by the design of the stadium or facility. which can be used in collaboration with virtual reality

3D modelling is a cost-effective service because it produces a full overview of the development and reduces the need to last minute or post-built construction changes.

Virtual reality

Using VR allows you to fully engage with your new development vision. Immersing yourself in the first concept design connects you to your new stadium, training facilities, golf course or race course before any heavy machinery has rolled onto your site.

STRI’s innovative VR service provides a virtual tour of your concept and allows you to move around all areas of the proposed development.

VR is a big step up from a technical 2D schematic design, which can be difficult for non-technical clients to navigate around. Engaging key stakeholders using virtual reality software can make a huge difference to the delivery of your development.

VR is also a cost-effective way of seeing your future development in all its final glory before investing in high price tag products and services such as final designs and earth movement.


Building information modelling, or BIM for short, amalgamates architectural, engineering and construction drawings into one master model for a quality bespoke pitch solution.

BIM is the perfect collaboration tool that allows our design specialists to provide that all important link with other industry experts.

Our tailored design feeds into the production of a central model that allows architects, engineers and consultants to see conflicts and constraints in the designs, which highlights any issues before they arise.

BIM delivers a perfect innovative solution for large scale stadium design or elite training facilities.

GPS surveying

Using the latest GPS hardware, we provide a detailed ‘before and after’ review of the infrastructure of your development.

Perfect for:

  • land surveying
  • Topography & As-Built
  • Construction survey/layout

UAV visuals

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (also know as a drone) site surveys can facilitate the planning stages of sports facility construction or reconstruction.

Accurate site-specific data will help you to visualise the final design, and progression of the project during construction, which can be then shared with stakeholders. Up-to-date high definition maps of large sites can be quickly generated to show levels and habitat distribution across a site. These can even be updated to show construction work and progress on a daily basis. Drones can also identify and accurately map any point of interest such as invasive species, drainage lines or habitat areas.

STRI is fully certified by the CAA (Commercial Aviation Authority) to perform commercial aerial operations. This means that we have drone operators trained to evaluate a site’s potential health and safety risk and advise on site specific constraints. Our operators are trained to fly in both enclosed and open spaces so any site requirement can be accommodated.