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As our cities and urban environments adapt to population growth, any development or redevelopment needs a fully thought through strategy. The development and regeneration of places and spaces must not only be considerate to the individuals, communities and businesses who will use the site, but also the natural habitat which remains vital to the area’s biodiversity.

The STRI team brings together decades of experience in the planning, designing, and building of sports, recreation and commercial developments. And with the ever increasing need for sustainable solutions, every proposal and design incorporates future proof strategies that take into account constantly changing technology, financial and policy issues, as well as climate, social and economic challenges.

We can join a project at any stage or we can work with you throughout the lifecycle of your project. Our team offers integrated planning, design, technical and project management services to support developers to invest with confidence, streamline approvals and deliver projects that respect and enhance local communities.

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With a passion for sports, we provide flexible, multi-event solutions. Our consultancy arm accommodates variable fields of play for multi-sports and overlay for events all over the world.

Our technical consultants deliver designs, strategies and solutions covering all aspects of stadia development – from playing surface designs and roof architecture to expert knowledge of the issues surrounding bowl design and dynamic response.

Our designs support form and function, considering efficiency, risks and potential programme constraints. We’ve support clients with public safety, sightlines, pitch health, environmental impact, long span structures, services loads and impact on infrastructure, power systems, water supply plus peaks in demand.

Effective sustainable design is at the heart of our proposals, providing optimum financial and environmental performance. Our end to end Plan, Design, Build, Operate delivery method enables us to join a project at any point in its lifecycle, whilst also providing a vast wealth of expertise on new developments and regeneration projects.


As our world becomes more urbanised, communities and residential realms are having to evolve in order to respond to their stakeholders expectations, environmental and economic constraints.

We support urban renewal projects that are transforming inner cities and communities. From delivering the masterplanning strategies, remediating contaminated land making it safe for development, designing the water systems for public health, flood mitigation and drainage, and presenting intuitive urban greening landscaping designs, our team ensure the balance is struck between creativity, sustainability and commerciality.

We deliver the full design service for the infrastructure needed to make the wider development a success.

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure creates high-quality green spaces where people will want to live and work, integrating green roofs, walls and SuDS features such as rain gardens into the development and regeneration of the built environment. The benefits include the provision of ecosystem services, attenuating storm water run-off and reducing pollutants. Green infrastructure should be an integral part of planning and development of traditional ‘grey’ infrastructure projects such as road, rail and utilities.

Green infrastructure can play a significant role in reducing the environmental impacts of both new construction and refurbishment projects and are becoming an integral addition to climate-proof construction. A blue and green roof provides a rainwater buffer, purifies the air, reduces the ambient temperature, regulates the indoor temperature, saves energy and encourages biodiversity in the city.

By linking together green and blue infrastructure, STRI allows more cost effective and efficient designs. Our consultants will not only design and install, but also provide ongoing assessment of the physical and ecological condition of the installation. Site visits include advice on infrastructure management plans, remedial action to improve roofs and ecological surveys of flora and fauna.

The addition of roof top amenity space adds value and commercial appeal for existing buildings and new construction projects seeking to retain or attract residents and commercial tenants.

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