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Soil testing and analysis

STRI’s laboratory is recognised as one of the world’s leading evaluation centres for assessing soils for sports surfaces.

We offer routine testing to help guide your sports turf management programmes and prevent potential problems. We use diagnostic testing to pinpoint chemical, biological or physical problems and provide potential solutions.

Our scientists deliver fast and accurate test results for all types of sports turf and amenity grasslands. STRI’s soil lab is A2LA accredited and provides testing, analytical and evaluation services.



Laboratory pot trial


Our soil testing services include:


Construction testing

Tests for existing soil structure/properties and materials. Consequently this helps us select quality soils, sands and materials for the construction of your sports turf.



Particle size analysis


Particle size analysis

We provide a particle size analysis for sands and aggregates. This is especially relevant as it can be used to approve or suggest modifications to your materials.


Organic matter content

Our analysis provides you with percentage concentration within the soil’s profile. This analysis determines whether there is a need for you to reduce organic matter to enhance the playing qualities of your sports turf.



Sample core


Nutrient soil testing

We recommend routine nutrient testing to provide an additional insight into the condition of your sports turf. In addition this will identify the cause of any possible turf stress.


Diagnostic testing

Our labs provide a quick and accurate assessment to discover the cause of any problems on your sports turf. It will also help identify any potential solutions.



Successful culturing of grass disease


A2LA accredited  USGA materials testing for golf greens

We offer testing for the following individual elements; particle size analysis, saturated hydraulic conductivity, bulk density, total porosity, air-filled and capillary porosity and organic matter content levels.


Water testing

This service provides analysis of irrigation water quality.

We encourage our clients to publish the results of STRI research, where appropriate, in accordance with their commercial interests.