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Product testing and validation

STRI will help you develop and test your turf market portfolio.

Our experts can determine the benefits of your product in any sports surface and assess it for marketing purposes.

We specialise in testing products in various global climates including temperate cool season, sub-tropical and hot, desert climates. Typical product testing includes grass seed, turf, fertiliser, wetting agent, pesticide, rootzone material, building materials, turf maintenance equipment and machinery.



STRI Australia research centre


Efficacy and crop safety testing

ORETO accredited STRI is the only company in the UK that exclusively offers grass testing and trials across all sports surfaces, roadside verge, airfields, as well as domestic and commercial lawns.  Our extensive expertise includes fungicide, insecticide, herbicide, plant growth regulator and biological control trials.


Substrate testing for green roofs

Our scientists will test the physical and chemical characteristics of green roof substrates. Tests can be performed to FLL and GRO standards as well as our own specific substrate examination. Bespoke green roof substrates can be developed at STRI utilising a wide range of recycled and manufactured materials.



Annual amenity turf grass trials


Grass testing

We are able to apply various stresses to mimic exactly the environment and climate you intend to sell your grass variety to. In the UK we currently test grasses under BSPB testing protocol and also have a major cultivar site in Qatar. Therefor we are kept informed on the optimal grass species and varieties for use in Middle Eastern stadia. We can also run grass species and variety trials on your site to allow you to make an informed decision as to the optimal choice for your environment and use.


Machinery testing

STRI will help you prove the benefits of your machinery in any environment required.




Renewable product testing

STRI will show you how your renewable products, such as recycled glass, anaerobic digestate and recycled plasterboard can be used across various surfaces.


Rootzone and construction research

Our experts can help you determine optimal construction materials to use when building a wide variety of permanent or temporary sports surfaces.


Alternative markets

STRI will help you determine whether your product could be used in any of the areas we have world class expertise in. This includes natural and artificial sports turf, amenity areas, airfields, lawns, equestrian and grey hound racing.