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Pests, weeds and diseases

STRI’s research team specialise in managing and minimising pests, weeds or diseases (PWD) on your sports turf.


We provide a fast and comprehensive service for the diagnosis and identification of all PWD. In addition to practical advice on how to best manage your problem areas and eradicate any risk of damage.


Site assessments

We offer site visits to check your sports surfaces. Providing information on how to identify and treat PWD.



Fairy Ring


Sample analysis and advice

Thorough and accurate analysis of all turf problems, with advice on the best treatments and additional guidance on how to limit or prevent future problems.

Disease management plans

Our experts offer a comprehensive assessment of your past and current problems. Our conclusions are drawn up in a tailored and detailed plan on how to manage PWD.





Integrated pest management (IPM)

IPM is an effective and sustainable approach to managing PWD through a combination of methods and best practices.

This methodology allows us to manage pests economically and with the least possible harm to people, animals and the environment. IPM takes advantage of all the best management options available including a thoughtful approach to the use of pesticides.

To develop an IPM programme requires comprehensive knowledge of the life cycles of pests, weeds and diseases, their interaction with the environment and the methods available to control them.






Our team offers advice on how you can develop an IPM programme including:

  • Cultural Management – programmes are developed to help identify optimal management to achieve healthy turfgrass growth.
  • Monitoring & Thresholds – potential pests, weeds or diseases are identified and targets set to indicate when controls are appropriate.
  • Use of Forecasting Systems – online forecasting systems are used to act as indicators of increasing disease risk, giving a more informed judgement of possible high risk periods.
  • Biological Control – biological control agents are available for some pests and diseases and may be used for additional control over and above cultural control measures.
  • Chemical Control – an IPM programme evaluates when and how chemical control methods should be used.


With recent changes to legislation and regulation of pesticides, IPM programmes must be in place throughout the sports turf and amenity grasses industry for all pest, weed and disease control.

Each client receives a detailed report on our analysis and findings, along with guidelines on the best practice for managing problem areas and preventing further occurrences.

We also provide training courses (including BASIS qualifications) and seminars for the identification, treatment and prevention of different pests, weeds and diseases.