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Research and development

STRI is continually researching and developing ways to improve the performance of playing surfaces across a wide range of sports.

We understand that the reputation and success of your sports club is reflected in the quality and condition of your playing surface.

Therefore our research team is focused on supporting the sports turf industry by exploring cost-effective ways to produce high quality durable surfaces.



Site preparation for a new product trial



Concept stage

If you have the kernel of an idea our experts will help you brainstorm further concepts, which will help the potential product reach the development stage.


Development stage

Once you are happy with a concept, STRI will work with you to explore your options. We can help test prototypes, provide a critique, give you ideas for improvement and guide you through the project.


Research stage

We can then help you complete the research necessary to prove the benefits to your prospective clients. As a result this will help make your product ready for market.



STRI UK research centre

Our research is conducted at various locations across the world and at our extensive research headquarters in Bingley, UK. On our eight hectare facility we design turf and maintenance programmes to replicate a wide variety of sports surfaces.



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