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Project summary

  • Futureproof planning
  • Environmental planning
  • Structural design
  • Technical consulting

Tenby golf club is an 18-hole course on the southwest coast of Wales. It has an ongoing relationship with STRI, having previously used our agronomy and golf course maintenance services. Due to its location, the course is frequently subjected to storm damage and coastal weather, and the club realised they needed to take rapid action before losing parts of the course to the elements.

Knowing that these measures could take years to establish, there was an urgent need for a solution that would provide respite for the course, whilst investigation into a long-term solution continued.


One challenge that was immediately clear was that the short-term solution would need to be agreed upon and installed as quickly as possible to prevent further erosion of the course. This solution would need to be effective enough to arrest the erosion, but temporary in nature so as not to eradicate or significantly alter a natural process. It would also be required to work alongside a permanent solution – a masterplan and realignment of the course.

Prior to STRI’s involvement in the project there were a number of discussions with statutory bodies and local planning authorities. STRI was able to contribute expertise in planning, ecology and golf course design which allowed more productive discussions and cross-party agreement on a way forward in such a sensitive location.

The location, number of parties involved in the process, and the time concerns from increasingly frequent storm damage meant that it was key to reach an agreement on a solution as quickly as possible.


STRI’s planning team engaged with Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the local planning authority, the National Park and Tenby Golf Club, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive approach to the project.

The solution was achieved by utilising our expertise in understanding natural processes, with our in-house ecology, water management and coastal erosion specialists removing the need for outsourcing any aspects of the planning process.

The need for a temporary yet robust solution led us to gabion mattresses and boxes; metal cages filled with stones and rocks that are incredibly effective in preventing sea damage on the dunes in these circumstances.

The cages will be easily removed before the agreed 10-year time period, after which the golf club will have had sufficient time to agree a deal with other landowners and to begin the masterplan on the permanent reconfiguration of the golf course.



  • Planning permission granted with limited conditions
  • Foundations have been set to enable long-term sustainable development of the golf course
  • Sufficient scope for course redesign and ecology work done by STRI’s in-house teams
  • Currently working with the club on discharging pre-commencement conditions including traffic management plan (TMP) and construction environment management plan (CEMP)

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