Golf Course 2030



Project summary

  • Sustainable water management
  • Environment and social
  • Technical consultation and knowledge transfer
  • Digital water solutions
  • Data analytics

As part of their ‘Golf Course 2030’ project, The R&A is looking to mitigate the effects of climate change and add a theme of sustainability throughout the golf world. Given our long-standing relationship with The R&A since 1929, we were entrusted to produce reports highlighting problems around water management including increased restrictions of water use and drainage. Rather than produce an industry standard style report, STRI opted to use its in-house expertise and creativity to develop an interactive online portal that could be used easily by golf course managers to provide them with help, information and advice. The portal has been accessible to all golf clubs as of spring 2022 and presents the latest climate change predictions from the IPCC (International Panel for Climate Change) and The Met Office.


A complex set of data was sourced from The Met Office and turned into a format that was visually attractive and easily digestible through the use of an interactive traffic light map.

The data needed to be accessible for different users, with the requirements of the portal varying between managers of golf courses at different stages of their sustainability journey. The portal is used by golf course managers looking to improve their existing sustainable infrastructure, as well as managers who need information and education before beginning their journey to becoming a more sustainable club.


The online portal consists of three main components: an interactive climate change map, case studies and technical solutions.

The interactive climate change map uses Met Office data at 60km² intervals with various climate prediction models. This allows the user to see forecasts for a specific area in every season until 2080, with metrics of maximum and minimum temperature as well as average temperature and precipitation. Using this information, clients can see the best and worst-case scenario and allows them to use this data to highlight the risks golf courses will face in the future

This is supported by case studies displaying examples of people who have already taken positive action such as rainwater harvesting, reservoir creation or water sourcing strategies; portraying those clubs and initiatives in a positive light with the hope of inspiring others to follow suit and ultimately make positive change on a larger scale. Contact details for managers of the sustainability projects are also available on the portal in order to allow liaison between existing and potential project managers with the goal of enabling the smoothest possible development of water management projects.

The third and most important of the portal’s components is the solutions, detailing all potential methods of improving a golf course’s water management through means of water harvesting and re-use. This will advise on all aspects of a project from the initial planning and documentation right through to considerations on how to solve issues as well as the construction, operation and maintenance of the project.


  • The portal is now live –
  • Information is far easier to understand than a standard reporting system
  • Interactive nature of the portal encourages users to engage
  • List of case studies to provide inspiration for others
  • Wider industry engagement on this topic


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