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UK research centre

STRI’s UK headquarters and research centre is tucked away in picturesque Bingley parkland, deep within the heart of the Yorkshire Ridings. The unassuming engine room of the global business.


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Based at UK HQ are our sports surface design, research, trials, aviation, administration, marketing and accounts teams, along with ecology/environment and agronomic specialists.


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Sport research testing area, Yorkshire

Sport surface research

Within the grounds, we have an eight hectare plot devoted to the pursuit of sports turf perfection. It is here that our friendly, highly educated, globally respected research and trials teams subject each innocent blade of grass to rigorous tests, including stress, disease tolerance, chemical and wear for the benefit of the global sports industry. Research services include:





STRI laboratories

We offer the following analysis at our in-house laboratories:

  • Physical analysis, chemical analysis, pests, weeds & disease, particle size analysis, turf quality, hydraulic conductivity / porosity, and full or partial USGA.


Soils laboratory

Soils laboratory



A2LA Accreditation (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation)

STRI is certified with ORETO (Official Recognition of Efficacy Testing Facilities or Organisations) by the Chemical Regulation Directorate