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Headland’s range of specialist fertilisers bring strength and control to new season growth

Trade News / 11th March 2021

With thoughts beginning to turn to the application of early season nutrition, Headland Amenity have a wide range of fertiliser products to get growth going this spring. Multigreen® CRF is a popular choice with golf and sports clubs alike, to overcome the efficacy issues associated with some granular feeds in high moisture situations, as nutrient release is governed solely by soil temperature.

Multigreen® features urea or potassium nitrate prills within a permeable polymer-resin coating which start to release their solubilised nutrients once soil temperatures rise above 6oc – in line with grass growth. Nutrient availability is gentle and controlled by temperature alone, avoiding ‘flush’ growth and producing a strong, healthy sward that is sustained for up to six months depending on the analysis. This field longevity makes Multigreen® ideal for use on winter sports pitches and racecourses with lighter, free-draining soils.

For areas featuring heavier soil types, Headland’s XTEND® range of slow release granular and soluble fertilisers are another effective option – providing two to three months of consistent nutrient release from a single application. Each urea prill in XTEND® granular features two components to enhance the slow-release nature of the nitrogen; NBPT which prevents the loss of ammonia nitrogen to the atmosphere by volatilisation and DCD nitrification inhibitor to slow down the conversion of ammonium to nitrate in the soil, allowing the ammonium nitrogen to be held in the soil more efficiently. In liquid form, XTEND® is an ideal tank mix partner to Clipless NT® and Elevate Fe®, creating a cost-effective spring/summer feed without excessive clippings generation.

Designed to fill the gap between traditional outfield and fine turf products, the H-Cote™ range of mini-granular controlled-release fertilisers are suitable for use in all coarse and close mown turf situations including golf tees and fairways, sports pitches and racecourses. H-Cote™ offers field longevity of three to four months thanks to the high levels (70-91%) of controlled release nitrogen, surrounded by dual-coat technology which allows for a high specific nitrogen analysis per prill while reducing the risk of nitrogen lock-off.

Specifically for fine turf, Greentec® Mosskiller Pro is an ideal spring starter or low temperature hardener on amenity turf where prolonged colour, but not too much growth, is required. In addition to its low NK analysis, providing a consistent response in cool conditions, it is an approved mosskiller, providing rapid control of moss in managed amenity turf.