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Headland Amenity to return to BTME – Stand 262, Red Zone

Trade News / 4th December 2018

Retuning to BTME 2019 with their range of plant nutrition products for golf and sports turf will be Headland Amenity. Particular highlights on stand 262 in the Red Zone will be Mantle, the newest addition to the company’s range of non-pesticidal disease management products, along with a new triple-active selective herbicide.

Mantle’s water-soluble formulation consists of Manganese and Zinc, with the addition of ‘Harpin’ protein – the plant elicitor pioneered by Headland in the UK turf industry, to stimulate the grass plant’s own natural defence mechanisms. As well as an important component of two enzymes, Manganese is also an activating co-factor for a large number of enzymes required for key functions in the grass plant. One of which aids lignin synthesis taking place in the root, with research showing that applications of Manganese can reduce the ability of some root pathogens, such as Take All Patch, to cause damage.

As essential secondary and micronutrients respectively, magnesium and zinc are also involved in some fundamental processes essential for a healthy plant, such as photosynthesis and protein synthesis. Mantle can be used alongside Headland’s ‘20-20-30’ tank mix to enhance plant health and help minimise the effect of disease. Combining Seamac ProTurf Fe and Liquid Turf Hardener plant protectants, together with Turfite elictor, the industry-leading ‘20-20-30’ formulation has shown to be effective in minimising Microdochium nivale over the autumn/winter period, when applied prior to the onset of disease.

Headland will also showcase their new triple-active Columbus selective herbicide formulation based on Clopyralid, Fluroxypyr and MCPA. The unique micro-emulsion formulation controls a wide range of weeds in managed amenity turf.