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Headland Amenity launch Ascoflex® and PPT114 at BTME 2020

Trade News / 22nd January 2020

BTME 2020 saw the introduction of two new products into the Headland Amenity plant health range – Ascoflex® Plus and Ascoflex® 15. In addition, they introduced PPT114 – a product to further compliment their non-pesticidal disease management strategy.

Ascoflex® is a new, UK-sourced extract derived from Knotted Wrack Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum). The Ascoflex® manufacturing process offers the optimum extraction of bioactive compounds – the important bits that provide growth stimulation and stress tolerance. Ascoflex® differs from many competitors in declaring actual content of polysaccharide and plant growth substances.

In addition to the bioactive Seaweed extract, Ascoflex® Plus features ‘ProactinEX’, a patented, plant-derived biostimulant package containing L-form amino acids, B-Complex vitamins and antioxidants. To enable a rapid plant response and help improve uptake, ProactinEX utilises express technology – a patented formulation using SAR compounds and a transcuticular nutrient delivery system.

The benefits of using good quality seaweed extracts in foliar and root drench applications are well established on sports turf. Ascoflex® Plus aims to build on these benefits by providing additional plant-available amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Amino acids are involved in numerous functions that facilitate healthy growth, including shoot and root development, nitrogen transfer within the plant and chlorophyll production.

Ascoflex® 15 is a straight seaweed extract and is suitable for applications on larger, outfield areas. No nutrition is added to the formulation during processing and therefore Ascoflex® 15 represents a pure seaweed extract, perfect for application with liquid fertilisers and wetting agents such as Tricure AD.

Following on from the highly successful introduction of Mantle® at BTME 2019, PPT114 is a new soluble, micronutrient formulation featuring Manganese, Zinc and Copper. It has been developed to increase the efficacy of plant-health applications, helping to minimise Microdochium nivale infection.  In addition, the incorporation of two different sources of iron is designed to maximise winter colour when used in a tank mix.