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FACTS Turf training courses

FACTS Turf Certification and Training Scheme

A four day independent certification scheme for advisers and users of plant nutrient products, including head greenkeepers and head groundsmen. The course includes training on fundamental plant nutrition, fertiliser types, environmental issues and legislation.


The overall aim of the Scheme is to ensure a high standard of proficiency of all those giving fertiliser and plant nutritional advice to end users, having due regard for the protection of the environment. It is also applicable to head greenkeepers and head groundsmen creating fertiliser and plant nutritional programmes.


The aim of the course is that at the end of the training, coupled with previous practical experience, candidates will have a basic understanding of golf and sports turf nutrition to enable them to give advice to greenkeepers and groundsmen which is both economically and environmentally sound. The emphasis will be on practical knowledge applicable for greenkeepers and groundsmen in the management of sports turf and for those advising in the management of sports turf, but also those who are involved in turfgrass production.


Training will take place at STRI’s Head Office and research facility in Bingley.


Dates 2020

17-19 November & 15 December with exam on 16 December.


Content of the course

The course is based on five days of training, including examination, and covers the following:

  1. The soil or playing surface in relation to turfgrass nutrition
  2. Nature and properties of fertilisers and liming materials
  3. Plant nutrients and the basis of choice of fertilisers for the main turfgrass utilisations
  4. The transport, storage, handling and application of fertilisers
  5. Codes of good practice and legal and other environmental protection measures



The examination is divided into the following three sections:

  1. 60 multi-choice questions
  2. Completion of a scenario question incorporating a nutrient planning exercise – open book exam (text books and notes allowed)
  3. Panel discussion – involving the Chairman and two people from the fertiliser industry. Elements of both the multi-choice and scenario papers may be included in the discussion



£1,730 + VAT* (includes lunch and refreshments)


Annual assessment training

STRI is offering training for FQAs looking to take their FACTS online assessment.

This training will be delivered by distance learning using a combination of reading and webinar. Training is highly flexible and can be arranged as one-to-one or group sessions.

Cost is £210 + VAT* per person.


If you require any further information regarding the courses, or would like to reserve a place, please email enquiries@strigroup.com or call 01274 565131


* Overseas clients are exempt of VAT