Most people who take an interest in sports turf, both in its management and production, appreciate that if soil fertility is to be maintained then the nutrients taken off during mowing or lost to air or water must be replaced. However, many of these people are also concerned about the actual or potential environmental damage that these losses can cause and they look to those involved to do what they can to minimise them. This is one of the main pressures to which those advising greenkeepers and groundsmen on fertiliser use must respond and which was behind the establishment of the FACTS scheme.

This face-to-face turf course will run over three consecutive dates, covering core topics. To bolster this, there will also be some online sessions focussing on programmes and exam practice and allowing revision on some aspects of the course.


Face to face teaching dates = 7-10 November 2022

2x Online sessions (typically 1.5 – 2 hrs in length) = Dates to be agree with candidates.

Online written exams and vivas = 6-7 December 2022

Cost per person = £1,825 + VAT (including exam fee)


FACTS Turf Certification & Training Scheme


Email to book your place or request more information.