technical consulting

Technical consulting

STRI provides agronomy services for the management and maintenance of natural and hybrid surfaces. Our team of qualified and experienced agronomists offer a range of technical consulting services across a variety of sports, ranging from full condition assessments of playing surfaces to disease management and strategic and tactical recruitment support. We have a strong and esteemed reputation in golf agronomy, but also provide services in a range of sports including equestrian events, tennis, football, rugby and bowls.

Our aim is to ensure that every client gets the most out of their sports surface, and we support everything from grass roots to world-class, competitive surfaces. Our holistic services also ensure that clients feel confident in presenting strategic and tactical improvement plans to enhance and futureproof facilities. We offer tailored solutions and subscription packages to ensure that the level of support is right for each client’s needs and budget.

Our technical consulting services

Agronomic reviews and evaluations

We offer agronomic reviews with technical advice to support sustainable management programmes.

Our enhanced golf programme includes performance data and soil analysis, recording conditions to monitor progress over the longer term.

In the equestrian field, we provide racecourse strategic reviews which include soil analysis, track performance assessment and drainage and irrigation reviews.

Operation and budget reviews

STRI can also support clubs’ operational processes, identifying areas for enhancement and facilitating financial improvements.

Course drainage and irrigation

Effective water management is essential for optimising the usage of a facility, particularly in winter, and also has a huge part to play in increasing sustainability.

We can advise on solutions for a playing surface and its surrounding infrastructure.

Parks, cemeteries and amenities

STRI also supports local authority, heritage sites, historic attractions and cemeteries, all places which need to withstand heavy footfall all year round.

Drone services

We have trained CAA licensed drone pilots, who can undertake drone surveys and interpret captured data.

Drone services include topographical mapping, NDVI (normalised difference vegetation index), habitat and plant surveys, coastal erosion mapping and construction monitoring.

Drone footage is also invaluable for visualising the end result of a project, often crucial in gaining stakeholder buy-in. 3D maps and models can be modified to show the result of modifications or development projects.

GCMA offer - Evaluation of playing surfaces, resources and environmental management planning

The impact of climate and legislative changes are becoming increasingly visible, with golf courses more frequently exposed to threats such as drought, turfgrass stress and disease, flooding and drainage challenges, and damage to the playability of playing surfaces and features. To help to mitigate the impact of these threats, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the microclimate conditions and how they are managed.

As part of our partnership with GCMA, we are offering members the exclusive opportunity to receive a site visit and review of course playing surfaces, resources and environmental management planning, with no fee. This will help to inform an achievable plan to maintain surfaces to the highest standard as our visit will provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities and details on what actions are needed to develop financial and environmentally sustainable plans to address them.

This offer will run from 1st December 2022 to 31st March 2023, and application for this support can be made by completing the form below. There is no fee for the visits, just a charge to cover consultant travel to your club, and visits will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

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