sports construction

Sports construction

STRI operates internationally as a leading design and build organisation. Our teams can mobilise anywhere in the world and facilitate all aspects of sports construction, covering natural turf, synthetic and hybrid surfaces.

Our UK building company, Carrick Sports Construction is one of the fastest growing specialist sports turf contractors for natural, artificial and hybrid sports facilities. With the combined skills of fine turf construction, drainage, irrigation and finishing works, we are able to offer a complete sportsground construction service.

Our services include sports turf construction in a wide range of sports from football to equestrian settings, golf, hockey and more. We can cover all aspects of your project, with a full support team specialising in planning, design, project management, sustainable drainage (SuDS), ecology and biodiversity improvements.

Our team can help with end to end projects of any scale, or can pick up a specific area for delivery.

Sports construction

Natural turf construction

Our specialist teams provide a full suite of end-to-end project solutions for all natural turf surfaces. This includes rootzone construction.

STRI ensures that all aspects of a sports construction project are carried out to the required standards, specification and schedule. We will work closely with contractors, architects, consultants, legal officials and local governments at all stages of the project; turf grow-ins, overseeding operations, general renovation practices, specialist concert preparation and recovery tasks.

Synthetic and hybrid construction

Carrick Sports have access to a state-of-the-art fully recyclable carpet hybrid turf solution. Dependent on rootzone requirements and type of usage, the hybrid carpet can be tailored to individual needs and installed by our expert in-house team.

Artificial turf;

We supply and install all artificial playing surfaces. Our maintenance regime includes:

  • Moss, algae and weed control
  • Drag brushing
  • Powered brushing
  • Infill sand/rubber application
  • Decompaction
  • Deep cleaning
  • Annual renovations

Multi-use game areas (MUGAs)

A multi-use games area, commonly known as a MUGA, can be a single playing surface or court area, or a full-size synthetic sports pitch facilitating a variety of sports.

We can support you with planning in advance of construction, and manage all elements of construction and surrounding infrastructure. This will include advise on surfaces, such as bitmac, polymeric or carpet surface.

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As a multi-disciplinary, interconnected team, we bring together experts who develop solutions to create places which improve people’s lives as humanity adapts to the unprecedented challenges posed by climate change and population growth. We offer our clients tailor made strategies to support their goals and objectives, whether that be complete end to end project delivery or specific, targeted solutions. Our promise is to deliver future proof strategies and designs, that will stand the test of time, harmonising the ever increasing demands being placed on the built and natural environment.

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