Environmental Protection Group (EPG), STRI Group’s environmental specialist company, is delighted to have partnered with Jersey-based engineering company, T&G. This partnership will ensure developers on the Channel Islands are able to effectively comply with new government policies on flood risk assessment and water management.

The recently published Bridging Island Plan highlights the increased chance of flooding as global warming threatens to increase freak weather events and raise sea levels.

In response, government planners on the Channel Islands now expect a flood risk assessment carried out as part of the planning process undertaken by home builders and developers. This will determine whether any new construction faces a low, medium or high risk of flooding – either in the present or future – and what steps could be taken to minimise the possible impact if there proves to be a threat.

The partnership comes in response to new government policy and the need to support clients, capitalising on T&G’s local knowledge and expertise as well as EPG’s ample skills and experience in sustainable water management. Made up of experienced engineers and technicians, T&G have completed in excess of 15,000 separate commissions throughout the Channel Islands and the UK by bringing an innovative approach to problem solving in a personal yet professional manner.

‘We’ve had a good working relationship with EPG for over a decade,’ comments T&G director Marcus Taylor, ‘with the company contributing specialist water management services during that time.

‘The new government policy increases the need for such services, so a more structured partnership makes sense. The arrangement also allows T&G clients to receive cost-effective solutions tailored to suit local conditions while ensuring delivery of wider Island sustainability policies. With the threat of flooding potentially increasing in some areas of the Island in coming years, both parties are looking forward to working together leading the local response.’

Alongside flood risk assessments, T&G and EPG are also developing a range of environmentally focused flood mitigation and minimisation solutions.

‘The UK has a head start in this,’ adds EPG director Phil Williams, ‘with sustainable water management policies in place for new developments for several years. Bringing our experience in this field to complement T&G’s local industry and market knowledge will lay the foundations for a strong partnership into the future.’