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STRI adopts a sustainable approach to all its projects. We offer specific services which provide your organisation/project with the necessary tools to meet your environmental and financial sustainability objectives.





Carbon auditing


Understanding your organisation’s carbon footprint can lead to significant reductions in both its environmental impact and running costs. STRI offers a carbon auditing service to help an organisation identify their key environmental impacts and develop systems that recommend how these can be reduced.  The service provides a multitude of benefits to the client:

  • Positive publicity – You care about your environmental impact and are taking steps to address it
  • Reduced costs – Most organisations find they can become significantly more cost efficient by identifying their impacts
  • Your impact on the environment is reduced





Water management


Sustainable drainage

STRI’s design team and ecology team work closely to deliver sustainable drainage solutions which meet the following requirements:

  • Controlled water discharge
  • Flood prevention
  • Water storage
  • Water harvesting & recycling

STRI also use innovative technologies to solve complex drainage problems.


Reedbed solutions

The cleansing of contaminated water is a critical issue for sports facilities and other industries, particularly with the onset of strict legislation.

For more than ten years, STRI’s Ecology team have produced bespoke reedbed designs as cost effective and natural water cleansing systems.  Reedbeds provide legally compliant and environmentally friendly solutions which are low cost to install and incur minimal running charges.


Bullrushes fringing a pond in the village of Great Massingham, in Norfolk, eastern England, on a sunny September day.


Waste management


Legal requirements

STRI consultants can provide details of all your legislative requirements, with regards to waste management, and ensure your facilities are compliant.  In addition to standard waste streams, we also provide advice on the following:

  • Green waste management
  • Waste water discharge
  • Chemical waste
  • Oils and fuels
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment





Waste management plans

Waste Management Plans for developments are a frequently requested item during the planning process.  As part of our Planning Services STRI can produce these documents to meet this need.