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Pioneering technologies

STRI is at the forefront of developing cutting edge sports turf equipment, technologies and techniques.

Our core principle of ‘solutions rooted in science’ means we are dedicated to the constant research and development of new ways to improve the playing performance of sports surfaces.



The STRI Trueness Meter


Over the last 80 years we have developed pioneering technologies that have changed and improved the playing surfaces for sports clubs, tournaments and communities. These include:


The STRI Programme

Advanced quality and performance testing that provides sports clubs and facilities with detailed data and analysis about their sports turf.



The data and analysis provides:

  • A detailed account of the different playing performance characteristics of your sports turf.
  • A benchmarking tool to understand what levels you are currently achieving.
  • Information to enable you to set quality targets to achieve over given timescales.
  • Tracking progress, to show the improvement or decline of your sports surface quality.
  • Clear and concise data and charts to communicate performance and improvements throughout your sports club/facility.


The STRI Trueness Meter™

Developed by STRI, in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University and funding from the R&A, the STRI Trueness Meter™ accurately measures the smoothness and trueness of a green.

In the video below, Richard Windows, STRI Agronomy Manager, is interviewed by Rhys ap William on Open TV to discuss course preparations for The Open Championship at Royal Troon in 2016 utilising the STRI Trueness Meter™



 The STRI Turf Management Programme

We use innovative technology, developed by TORO, to measure and assess turf performance across a whole golf course, racecourse or football/rugby pitches.




This service provides advice on a localised and site-specific management plan for your club. It includes:

  • A comprehensive report with detailed analysis of turf performance measurements
  • Topographical mapping highlighting any problem ‘zones’
  • Recommendations on how to improve consistency and surface quality.
  • Ability to apply inputs to smaller areas, reducing costs and improving surface performance.


Weather Station

STRI is researched and developed a Weather Station unit for use in sports stadium, which assesses wind speeds, soil temperatures, solar radiation, rainfall and humidity.


STRI_Opening Ceremony_084


Royal Ascot Turf Tray

STRI developed the design of the first mobile turf crossing for horse racing for Royal Ascot, responding to a requirement to create a continuous and consistent surface for the horses to race across, while providing the necessary access for pedestrians and vehicles to interior areas of the course.



Turf tray for Royal Ascot