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STRI combines its ecology, environment and CAD departments to produce innovative landscape designs for your construction project. Incorporating sustainable solutions, our specialists use the latest technology to provide award-winning, low maintenance landscape designs.





STRI consultants will help you develop cutting-edge landscape designs that meet the ambitions of your project.  Our experienced and adaptable team can provide:

  • Vibrant, showcase displays
  • Tidy, low maintenance design
  • Ecologically rich designs using native species
  • The creation of compensatory habitat following development work elsewhere on a site
  • Amenity areas for recreation, which include cycle paths, footpaths, picnic areas, sports facilities, wildflower gardens and play equipment.





Landscapes planning

Working alongside our Planning Services team, STRI Landscapes will provide a seamless transition through to the construction phase of a project.  STRI Landscapes have been used to great effect to offset, and compensate for, the impacts of other elements of a planning application.







Our landscape teams understand the requirements of BREEAM. We can assist you in gaining the required BREEAM credits for your development project through progressive landscape design.


Purple lupine and golden balsamroot wildflowers in the low morning sunshine of a Columbia Gorge Sunrise. High resolution color photograph taken on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, looking toward Washington state, across the Columbia River. No people in image. Horizontal composition.



Innovative technologies

STRI has undertaken extensive research in to the latest cutting-edge technologies surrounding landscape development and management. We are committed to prescribing the most cost efficient and effective solution to your landscape design.  Elements to be considered include:

  • Water harvesting
  • Tree protection in hard landscape areas (car parks, pavements, sport areas etc)
  • Seed application and establishment technologies
  • Pathway surfacing
  • Sustainable drainage





Project management

STRI will project manage the construction, planting and establishment phases of a project to ensure your landscape design realises its full potential.  Our expertise in seedbed preparation and species establishment will ensure that planting and aftercare is undertaken to the highest possible standards.






Ongoing maintenance

Working with our experienced Ecology team bespoke maintenance programmes can be developed to maintain the longevity of your landscape design.