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Monuments and cemeteries

STRI consultants provide agronomic testing and turf advice for monuments, war graves and cemeteries across the world.

We currently work with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC).



Thiepval Memorial, World War One battlefield


The main focus for the CWGC is to ensure the turf is able to cope with the additional wear of visitors following the 100th commemoration of WW1. STRI turfgrass consultants undertake condition assessments prior to and following remembrance ceremonies and advise on turf repairs and recovery procedures.



Thiepval Memorial


We reviewed the maintenance practices and advised on the implementation of specific and novel strategies. Our consultants have also supported the CWGC on the turf management and repair at the larger ceremonies over the last few years. The work has been mainly at the key sites on the WW1 western front and include the Thiepval Monument, and over 1000 of the highly visited cemeteries across France and Belgium.



Thiepval Memorial, Somme


The work for the ABMC is to develop measurable standards for the turf to be assessed. We have also introduce practices to ensure the turf is in the best condition possible.

The ABMC have a small number of very large cemeteries around Northern Europe and this enabled our consultants to visit most sites over a rolling time frame. The aim is to introduce new practices that generally improve the turf, but also to reduce wear on the few sites such as Normandy, which has over one million visitors per year.