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STRI Aviation provides bespoke design, construction and consultancy solutions to airport facilities around the world.

Our unique service has been developed from an extensive study into airfield habitat management conducted alongside the UK Ministry of Defence.  As members of the Airport Operators Association our specialists work closely with key national and international aviation governing bodies.




Our services include:


Airfield solutions

Our experts provide effective drainage solutions, to relieve both site-wide, and localised drainage restrictions.  A lack of effective drainage could leave standing water on your airfield, which attracts bird and makes site access difficult.


Construction project management

STRI project managers review design proposals and construction procedures at every stage of the project. They provide sign-off at each key milestone, ensuring airfield reconstruction works are a success.




Turfgrass consultancy

STRI produces tailored maintenance programmes for both airside and landside areas. Our specialists provide effective programmes for each area of the airport site, to minimise bird and other wildlife threats.

Your airport will be provided with regular site visits to audit the grounds maintenance contractor and deliver feedback to airfield managers. The airport operator is equipped with invaluable piece of mind that their airfield meets the required expectations. The service also identifies any deviations from the required maintenance programme so they can be quickly rectified.

STRI also produces tender documents and contracts services which offer an effective flexible approach to airfield maintenance. Airfield managers are given greater control over maintenance practices and budgets, allowing them to get the best possible service and value from their contractors.


Landside ecology and sustainability

STRI’s ecology and environment teams work with airports to provide landside management programmes which promote a message of ‘sustainability’ rather than ‘biodiversity’.  Biodiversity must be carefully considered to ensure wildlife threats to aviation are not increased.  STRI ecologists can assist your airport to promote the ‘right’ kind of environmental message and a strong level of community engagement.


Landsafe International – airport habitat and bird control accreditation

The accreditation has combined the expertise and guidance of key industry bodies to develop a programme which will raise and maintain airfield habitat management standards across the global aviation industry.

The accreditation is designed to ensure all reasonable steps are being taken to minimise birdstrike risk at your airport, through best practice grassland and habitat management, and effective bird control.

Our specialists will visit your site to assess these aspects, taking each airport on its own merits. Every airport site is different – our process reflects this and does not base its assessments on a single set of rules, but adapts to reflect the best options available to you at your site.