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Green infrastructure

STRI is an official green roof testing house for The GRO Green Roof Code.

Our research team offer green roof substrate testing according to standards set by GRO and German FLL Guidelines. In addition, we also help clients to develop bespoke substrate mixes which are fully compliant with GRO and FLL guidelines.



Green roof terrace


Standard substrate tests include:


Physical testing

Chemical testing

Biological testing

DensityPlant available nutrientsBiological compatibility
PorosityTotal nutrientsGermination success
PermeabilitypHMycorrhizal potential
Organic matter contentElectrical conductivityDrought tolerance
Particle size distributionHeavy metal presence
Water holding capacity
Particle density


Other substrate tests are available on request.




Green roof consultancy

We provide a consultancy service to assess the physical and ecological condition of installed roofs. Site visits include advice on infrastructure management plans, remedial action to improve roofs and ecological surveys of flora and fauna.



Green roof planting



Design and planning advice

STRI’s planning department will advise on the design and implementation of new building developments, specifically those involving the integration of green infrastructure.