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Johnsons Sports Seed mixtures tweaked for 2017 to further enhance performance

Trade News / 16th February 2017

DLF’s Johnsons Sports Seed has just released its 2017 mixture guide.

Whilst no new cultivars have been introduced for 2017, a number of the key mixtures dedicated for sports turf have been reformulated to further enhance performance.  All these mixtures have been carefully created using the best cultivars available, taking into account wear tolerance, density, colour, and disease resistance and the cultivars compatibility in a mixture.

The new formulation of Johnsons J Premier Wicket features an increased proportion of No. 1 rated Clementine, which delivers the highest combined rating on the 2017 STRI close mown list. Featuring 40% Clementine and 20% of Monroe, Dickens and Chardin, this perennial ryegrass renovation mixture delivers outstanding shoot density, rapid establishment and high disease resistance.

J Pitch has also been upgraded following end user trials and the growing popularity of Johnson’s 4Turf tetraploid perennial ryegrass cultivars. The 2017 formulation now includes 20% Fabian 4Turf. The mixture is ideal for use on training grounds due to its deeper rooting which delivers increased drought tolerance, enhanced nitrogen efficiency and exceptional disease resistance which all help to maintain turf quality and keep maintenance costs down.

Not wanting to upset its proven formula, J Premier Pitch has only undergone fine tuning rather than a complete overhaul. The proportion of the 2 highest rated cultivars Eurodiamond and Columbine have been increased to 25% and 40% respectively, for even greater wear tolerance and turf quality.

J Premier Pitch and J Premier Wicket are just two of the Johnsons mixtures available with a ProNitro coating for even faster establishment and stronger growth. Matt Merchant, Head Groundsman at Emirates Old Trafford trialled the ProNitro coated J Premier Wicket mixture last year and they’ve been using it even since. “J Nitro Premier Wicket gave a denser, stronger growth than the control plot with good root development. The sward had better colour and definitely established much faster across the wicket, including the difficult bowling and batting foot holes. ProNitro is a cost effective way of maximising a dense grass cover over a shorter period of time and saves the time and cost of applying fertiliser.”